Work and Living Cost

Working in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a developing country providing jobs, but before you think to move for good the advice is to come as a tourist to understand the country and see for yourself what’s on offer and then decide the change of life and what could take, hold account to speak Spanish and English is also required for many jobs as the American influence is present especially in tourist areas and in international companies.

The salaries are lowest compared to Europe or USA, but enough to live.

To work legally you needs permanent residence or work permit (which is not very easy to get) to get a work permit it must be a job that cannot be done by a Costa Rican

In tourist areas to find a seasonal job (like waitresses, bartenders, etc. ..) is quite easy if you are familiar with both languages and you are professional, but you works erratically.

I propose some links to job offers always up to date:

Facebook page of Tamarindo job opportunities

Open a business

To open a business is not required to be residents, just build a society (cost about $ 850) which will be the registered holder of the store and you can work there as employees paying the CCSS (contributions) that is about 33% of the salary (wage minimum of about $ 450) and it is also entitled for medical care.

Small business which are dedicated to catering enjoy the simplified scheme, meaning that you pay 4% monthly of all purchases.

For other activities will draw up the annual budget and taxes are paid in stages, small business up to $ 6,000 of profit are free to arrive at a maximum tax of 30% for profits above $ 100,000.

Usually just pay the permit to exercise municipal and ministry of health which are about $ 100 per year.

Cost of living

Costa Rica is the more expensive country in all Central America because it offers an excellent quality of life and good services.

You can live with $ 600 monthly, but a figure right one for Western lifestyle is up to $ 1,000.

Link to Numbeo where to find the updated costs.