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The best spot to enjoy a sportive stay

Sport in Costa Rica

A lot of options are available in Costa Rica in order to practice sport. It can be water activities or more sensational sport on land. Whatever you’re looking for, there will be some opportunities for you here in Costa Rica.


With over 300 gorgeous sandy beaches, year-round warm water, steady winds, and consistent swells, Costa Rica is a surfing mecca and one of the best places in the world to learn to surf.

In Spanish, Costa Rica means “rich coast”. With delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife, lush rainforests, and impressive tropical surf, it truly lives up to its name.

At the borderline between North and South America, only nine degrees north of the Equator, both of the country’s coastlines (Caribbean and Pacific) are blessed with exceptional waves and warm water. What’s more, the many surf camps in Costa Rica and surf spots along these sandy shores are less crowded than all-time popular surfing destinations like Australia, Hawaii or Southern California.

the waves of Pacific Ocean are guaranteed and constant throughout the year, the best Point are located in Tamarindo and close as Playa Grande, Playa Avellana, Playa Negra, Playa Langosta and the famous Ollie‘s Point and Witch’s Rock (accessible by boat); going south we meet Marbella and Nosara getting to the constant and challenging waves of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais.

Other good spots are in Jaco and in the far south with the endless wave of Pavones, a few small spots can also be found in the caribe near Puerto Viejo.

A useful link Surfline or Wanna Surf to see all the spots.



Rafting, after surfing, is the more popular sport in Costa Rica. The most popular tour is the one on the Savegre River, with routes from 14 to 27 kilometers, with some sections that run through calm waters and offer several moments to admire the nature and the rainforest or to listen to the sounds of the animals.


Through platforms installed on the tops of the trees in the rain forest, it’s made of completely safe paths going from a tree to another hanging on wires of metal. With heights from ground oscillating between 20 and 200 meters, it offers the best panoramic view of lakes, volcanoes, forests. (We recommend the canopy tour in the Monteverde National Park).


Vertical activity practiced with the use of ropes and equipment with harnesses to descend several waterfalls inside the forest (the most famous are in the Monteverde National Park).


Ideal destination for the tour by kayak / canoe is the Tortuguero National Park, where you can rent a kayak and enjoy a guided tour through the canals and rivers, during which you can get to see a number of rare animals.


On all the beaches of Costa Rica, national parks, or in the vicinity of volcanoes, a different way to explore at full speed.