President Simone

Hello Simone, tell us about you… Where you from are and what are were you doing when you were in Italy?

Hello I am Simone 44 years old, born in Carrara Italy where I was running the family business venture as head of purchasing and export, and spent most of the time working closed in the office closed.

When and why come the desire to leave Italy?

It was already a dream matured for many years, when I could traveling especially in tropical areas of various countries to get to know a different reality that could offer other country for expand my knowledge.

Why did you choose Costa Rica and in which town you live in?

After visiting various places, Costa Rica seemed the country appropriate to move and especially the region of Guanacaste in the Pacific Ocean, for its tropical climate hot dry with little precipitation, the beautiful beaches, the possibility of staying the whole year in summer clothing, besides the excellent hospitality of the Ticos and the work in “Pura Vida” with a lower tax burden thrill me.

After an initial time in Mal Pais I moved to Playa Tamarindo, a small town who offering good services and a unique nature.

Had you lived abroad for long periods before?

No, they were always simple holiday, but the desire to escape was so much, it was enough just to find right place.

You are left alone or with partners or friends?

All started with a holiday with friends and saw the place interesting so I decided to come back to assess what were the prospects of work and change of life, after a couple of trips I have decided to bought my first piece of land in order to build and move indefinitely.

What is your business?

Mainly I’m a building and realtor, sale of houses and land.

In addition I manage my personal site providing free assistance and advice to those wishing to make a change of life in a happier world country.

What substantial differences you’ve got to find a working level than in Italy?

Obviously every country is different, the Ticos are not hard workers, but given the low salaries and the climate is hot so you cannot expect much, working times and bureaucracy are more long and complicated, but in the end with a bit of patience get what you want and this is the important thing.

What else have you noticed the Tico society?

It is a country that wants to grow, the money and the desire does not lack. Provides an excellent educational level, good hospitals, use renewable energy, and most of the territory are covered by natural parks and now the government is improving transportation that currently are not the best.

As regards the safety saw that has no army, and is a country safe and stable. Obviously, as in the entire world, where’s a petty crime especially in some areas of the capital, the tourist sites are highly secure areas.

Immigration is high especially from Nicaragua (neighboring country) which provide a good labor, here you can meet people from all over the world and a lot of Americans.

The European influence has practically erased all traces of indigenous culture and since the nineteenth century up to the Costa Rica was a country in which they practiced subsistence agriculture, cultural activities have started to rise only in the last 100 years, from mention the Gallo Pinto, a typical dish made of rice and beans that cannot miss for breakfast, plus the motto “PURA VIDA”.

How did your integration in a local situation substantially different from that Italian?

I can say very positive as it does not create problems for the Costa Rican foreign, they are well regarded as bring improvements to the country.

Living in Costa Rica, in what ways it is better than other country? And in what ways it is worse?

As already said the great thing about this country is that you do not have to work to keep the political class. Wherever there is an atmosphere of freedom and tranquility, all work in harmony without pressure and with the smile and the quality of life is high, pollution-free and completely immersed in a flora and fauna unique in the world with 12 different climate zones in a beautifully landscape.

Negative hard to find, because in recent years, by importing anything is available and the technology is everywhere.

What would you suggest to other people who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Not too think much and leave, here it is still possible to make a new life without too many sacrifices.

What kind of work, or investment activity do you think is convenient to use for foreigners in Costa Rica?

Depending on the financial possibilities the real estate investments are highly recommended and generate a good income, so where are many good commercial activities. For an easier integration is recommended a good use of English as well as Spanish which is the official language.

Recommend Tamarindo as a destination for expatriate or more for a holiday?

Tamarindo is a beautiful place, warm all year, beautiful beaches, surrounded by tropical greenery, the starting point for many excursions to the nearby beaches or inland adventures, good hospitality and tourist night-life, highly recommended for a lovely holiday and the desire to stay there arises ……