Frequently Asked Questions

Why come to us?

Making a change of life, or investment in a foreign country such as Costa Rica is easy if you rely on experts why us with 11 years of experience we can give total support as supported by qualified and trusted sources in all sectors, the customer does not have to pay us any commission because our service is already included in the sales price and some property are personal.

Do not turn to unreliable people like taxi drivers, bartenders, street people, as there will propose houses or land which according to them are bargain hunters with direct and private negotiations, but these vendors claim a tacit big tip, but with a difference who are not professional in the sector, do not know all the legislation, the proposals are not always true property bargains, do not know the real value of the market and rely on people considered economic but unprofessional risks making a simple task in an odyssey to your transfer.

So always turn to people with years of experience and recognized reputation as we could be with us for all of our property for sale is carried out a painstaking study to ensure the success of the deal without complications simple and fast.

The real estate investment is affordable?

If you have good capital is a channel still highly profitable since the country is in strong growth and long-term rents usually generate 10% of net income, can be increased if you work in the short term, for sale real estate the offer is high against a good demand and only with huge capital can develop some good projects highly profitable.

It’s easy to open a business?

If you have clear ideas and following the local bureaucracy is easily possible, even being foreigners, opening their own business. See section work.
In tourist areas usually transfer their rights key, hard to find a vacant room to start your own business in the central areas, and try local management is almost impossible.

Is possible to get a job permit?

Obtaining work permits you can but only if the job required it is not feasible from a Ticos, and then is released only in special cases for technical specialists, as Costa Ricans are competent in all areas. See work section.

Can you help me find a job?

Unfortunately we aren’t specialized and also considering the high demand, we cannot offer job opportunities, but information for a possible transfer or investment, Costa Rica offers work and the advice is to come as a tourist to understand the country and see for yourself what offers and then decide the change of life and what it could take, consider speaking English than Spanish also required for many jobs as the American influence is present particularly in tourist areas and in international companies.

Costa Rica is cheap?

Not really, for a style of Western life is estimated $ 1,000 per person, compared to standard Europeans and Americans will save a 30%, the advantage here is the low tax burden and great quality of life.

But for the Residence?

See the section.

Period and best Zone?

Best season from November to April without rain, low rainfall rest of the evening, to avoid the month of October rains and closing local (climate Guanacaste) and Easter fully and dear as it’s the main holiday here. As the Guanacaste area and in particular Tamarindo is a great starting point to explore the area by moving to other beaches or inland parks and volcanoes.

Given the 12 climatic zones are so many interesting places and subjective, from the Caribbean coast to the lagoon of Tortughero, the Central Valley and the various volcanoes, the wild Osa Peninsula in the south and the many parks, several beaches, the island of Coco and more. The choice is vast and difficult, but definitely all enjoyable.