Come to discover a sunny environment

Welcome to Costa Rica

The Costa Rica although it has an area of ​​just over 50,000 km² you can meet 12 different climate zones each different and individual. Obviously ranks as a tropical country where the sun shines all year with long days and bright. The main reason is that it is wet both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and is crossed by a high central mountain that plays an important role in the diversity of climates.

The main areas are the North Pacific (Guanacaste) comprising the Nicoya peninsula bordered by the Pacific Ocean with a warm-dry and windy with temperatures averaging 30 degrees with almost no rainfall from November to April, May to September evening rainfall very refreshing and October month of rains across the country.

South Pacific slightly warmer and humid than North zone.

Caribbean zone in the Atlantic Ocean with a warm humid climate with rainfall throughout most of the year, full of vegetation and landscapes Caribbean.

The Central Valley, where is located the capital San Jose enjoys definitely the best climate in the country with an average of 22 degrees Celsius with a warm breeze coastline where there is believed to be the best climate in Atenas de world with more days of spring and ocean views. While in altitude it gets below 13 degrees Celsius.

In Costa Rica there isn’t a winter or summer but many climates that change of time and place with the most rainfall in the month of October and the rest of the year with pleasant climates always.

But the important factor is that with the ongoing climate change the statistics are not reliable and it is difficult to forecast future.