San José

San José is located on a plateau in the Central Valley surrounded by mountains and several small rivers and streams. The city is situated at an average altitude of about 1170 meters above sea level. For this reason, despite its proximity to the equator, the climate is pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 18 and 22 ° C.

Economic center of the country, you can meet many banks, historic buildings and modern shopping centers, casino with a vibrant nightlife, local markets and you can find any National and International products.


The city of Alajuela, the second largest in Costa Rica, is located just 20 kilometers from San Jose. It is known for being the birthplace of national hero Juan Santamaria, and home to the international airport with the same name, first port of entry to the country with more than two million tourists a year from anywhere around the world.

From there, you can visit the Poás Volcano is a basaltic nature stratovolcano that reaches a height of 2708 meters, and for the visitors who decide to venture around its crater it appears as a magical and mysterious place. Located just 65 kilometers from the Costa Rican capital San Jose, the Poás Volcano is protected through the homonymous National Park, which covers 5,600 hectares and it is the ideal place to spend a day in close contact with nature, a rough and inhospitable tracts but always unique, that can give unforgettable emotions.

The Poás Volcano National Park is one of the most visited natural sites in the Country, both for its undisputed beauty and for its ease of access and use. You don’t need to be experienced climbers or adventurers! Without blemish and without fear you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of this place.


Cartago was the old capital of Costa Rica, located 25 kilometers from the center of San Jose, at 1435 meters above sea level. Famous for the Basilica consecrated to Our Lady of the Angels and the pilgrimage that devotees make every year.

From there, you can also see the volcano Irazu and Turrialba that are close to Cartago. These volcanos are ones of the most famous and impressive in the country.